Badcat (triptogn) wrote,

Always waiting

Since we live out in the sticks, we can only get DSL for internet. It's not super horribly slow, at least when I mostly play my online games which is relatively late at night, but when it's primetime like right now, the download speeds are pretty slow.

I'm downloading a game demo and patching Rift right now, but its taking forever. I figured I might as well post while I wait, because I sure as hell don't want to watch Dancing With the Stars right now.

This waiting reminds me of the fact that I've been waiting forever to tell people what I've been working on at my new job. They have yet to officially announce the game, so I can't announce it either. It's kinda frustrating, because to tell the truth, I feel like its a pimpin' project, and I want to brag a little =). I expect the cat will be out of the bag pretty soon, because we hit code complete last week, and there is probably only a month or two of work left to do on the thing. That means I wouldn't be at all surprised if its shown at E3. It's not ours to show though, so to speak, its up to the people who contracted our work, so who knows what will happen there.

I was going to try and take care of mowing the lawn this evening because there was a break in the rain today and the sun came out. I hear it will rain all weekend, so my windows of opportunity are fading away like the sunshine. Mowing the lawn is really fucking hard in the rain because when the grass is wet, its very heavy and hard to get out of the grass catcher. Anyways, it just took to long to get home today so the mowing will have to wait.

I can't begin to explain how crazy fast the grass grows. I might do a picture a day after I mow it to show you guys. The grass is easily past stomach height of the dogs, and they dont like going in it when its wet because they get soaked. I wouldnt want to dangle my bits in the toilet in the morning, so who would blame them for not wanting to dangle theirs in 40 degree dew covered grass in the morning?
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