Badcat (triptogn) wrote,

Brutal Weekend

What was supposed to be a relaxing and fun weekend turned into disaster because the dogs got crazy sick over the last week.

At first, sometime midweek Sabrina started getting the shits which equates to mulitple baths a day for the dogs and a whole bunch of misery for everyone involved. As she got better, Phillip started getting sick which started to peak on Saturday and Sunday. I narrowed it down to it being most likely that one of the bully sticks (dog bone) that we got them last week had to been bad somehow because their diets havent changed at all and there was nothing weird for them to get into.

Anyways, Saturday, which I wanted to spend shopping for Kelly ended up being me staying home all day with the dogs watching Phil shit on the floor randomly and wanting to eat grass in the backyard. Kelly was at her mom's doing cookie decorating, and the overall day was miserable.

That night, I had my company's christmas party which was pleasant but entirely unavoidable to go to considering I'm one of 25 employees there, and new.

Sunday, the goal was to have some family over for my birthday which is tomorrow. This of course spiraled into disaster as Phillip started chili blasting the house at random, completely without control of his bowels. Then the dog vomiting started happening with him, with a notable moment when he vomited all over my chest and into my beard as I was holding him. To say my little birthday get together was less than a hit overall would be an understatement, not that it could be helped.

Kelly and I did redeem the night after he calmed down and stopped being sick and went out to see Tron in the IMAX theater which I enjoyed. The single bright spot to an overall disaster of a weekend.

We are both exhausted now and at our respective places of employment, one can only wonder what disaster awaits me when I return home tonight. Kelly is doing overtime, and I would be immensely surprised if there are no toxic waste cleanups in my future tonight.

If we don't see improvement today, I think part of my birthday tomorrow will be spent at the vet with a nice vet bill as a present.
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