Badcat (triptogn) wrote,

Man, what a long week!

Call me weird, but I'm glad we are starting fresh on a new week tomorrow!

I'm exhausted on a number of levels, both mentally and physically.

It all started last Monday when there was a threat of snow. They had been threatening us with this supposed snow for the greater part of a week, but it didn't really materialize over the weekend. Then sometime Monday it hit, and new (new to us anyway) game of timing when the eff to get out of dodge began @ work. I knew at some point, I would have to leave and brave the roads back home before I wouldn't be able to, and eventually that gave out around 4pm or so.

Over at Kelly's work they were too "busy" to let her go before 5pm so the clock kept ticking the snow kept falling, the sun dropped and the roads turned to pure ice for her.

Driving in snow for the both of us is hairy, let me tell you. She has a Scion XB and I have a Mazda 3, neither of which are well prepared for winter, even if we wanted them to be. Hers, its her rims that limit what we can do with the, and mine is the lack of anti lock brakes. Either way its super fucking scary.

Soooo... long story short on that night was I got home around 4:30, got a call from Kelly that she was leaving work around 5:15 or so, and then i got to wait out her over 2 hour drive home on the ice while sitting by the window watching the snow get deeper and deeper. Talk about stressed out!

She got home safely but almost didnt make it up the hill to our house. Needless to say, we were snowed in for the next day of work, and we both stayed home.

Tuesday was spent with me trying to "work" from home by evaluating a game my boss asked me to download and look at. It doesnt sound that bad except I dont like the COD games, at least not the last two that have released, and the fact that I had to download an 8 gig game on DSL during a snowstorm. It was a long day too, only broken up by moments of going outside and playing with the dogs in the snow. Sabrina loves the snow, so who would begrudge her that? It's fun.

Wednesday, we both brave driving to work despite how sketchy our cars are. It ended up not being bad, but both jobs were dead thanks to hardly anyone showing up. I felt like I went in for no reason other than to show my bosses that I'm dedicated enough to go in when the smart people stayed home.

Thurs was thanksgiving and it snowed all morning which made me pretty nervous about going to Kelly's mom's house. We knew it would stop, and it did, so we hit the road despite it being kinda hectic, but it ended up ok. We had a good time, but it was still kind of nerve wracking to drive in that situation, in fact we had to back down the hill her mom lives on because we were sliding backwards down it (fun huh! and so relaxing!).

Fri was kinda fun i guess. I was solo, kelly had to work and i had the day off. I decided to try and do some black friday madness to only end up being disappointed and more disenchanted with it than I already was. I knew going to this shit was a waste of time, and I never go, but this year I'm like why not? I've got nothing better to do. So i go to the stores and lo and behold there are no amazing deals that I can recall, no reason to make a fuss about it, and I only had more fuel added to my hatred of the term "doorbuster" which is such a fucking crock of shit. If you are "busting" doors down for socks, then be my guest. Don't expect me to me be stoked for you though, you make as much sense as a goose with two assholes.

Saturday, we shopped for chrismas lights gear. It cost is 150 bucks. That day. it cost us 50 more today, thats a story for sunday.

Sunday. So saturday night we noticed our nextdoor neighbor Kim has his lights up and we were like Sweet! Someone to up the ante against. Sure enough, we start getting set up and Kim is super interested and comes over to say hi. As I'm joking with the guy about having to show him up he laughed because he was saying we were gonna have a tough time because the guy across the way is always super hardcore. We were totally joking about throwing down, and these guys are actually competitive about it! So much that he neighbor across the street sees me talking to Kim and starts yelling across the street about how Kim sabotaged the guy's lights one year lol. Kim totally admitted it to us that he unscrewed every other bulb he could reach to mess with the guy. Anyways, so it's on. We saw how serious they were taking it, so we had to buy more lights.

Long story short, I was on the fucking roof, under bushes, back and forth to the hardware store, you name it. I'm tired of this week and ready to be done with it and get some relaxing work done at work.
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November 29 2010, 20:29:30 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  November 29 2010, 20:33:09 UTC

I'd have to agree. Just setting up lights was more hectic than going to work. I've been setting up more Christmas stuff this year than I ever have in my life.