Badcat (triptogn) wrote,

Living in Duvall, WA

Hi Everyone! I've been totally unable to post anything for the past couple of weeks, other than short facebook stuff via my iphone, so I'm here to update you courtesy of free wi fi.

Just in case you don't check facebook or missed it, we got the house we were trying to buy, and moved into it just about a week ago. We are both very proud and happy to have accomplished this, but the adventure just begins as we learn the joys of removing wall border, painting walls, and doing yard work.

We have neither an internet connection at home or any kind of television setup yet, but we are getting all of that within the week, so we should be able to give some better updates soon.

We've had a few thrilling/bizarre moments since we moved not including insects that may have come from the King Kong movie, and learning how to use a hedge trimmer.

Last night the entire town we live in sounded like a warzone with all of the amateur fireworks displays going on. These people LOVE their fireworks! Shit was blowing up from about 6pm till midnight no lie! When I say the love their fireworks, I'm talking everywhere you went there was stuff flying into the air in every direction on every street. It sounded like a warzone out here, you just wouldnt believe how crazy it was!

We went to our first Wizard Rock show on Saturday night and we had a really good time there. I think we spent about 80 bucks just on cds from all of the bands, because it was fun to support them. I think that show was everything music should be. Fun, clever, creative... People that knock the wizard rock thing are missing out on some good clean fun.

Once we get our internet connection, I'll probably make a youtube video to show off the house and share it with you all. I know that many people don't track livejournal as they used to, but I still like it here and don't intend on going anywhere unless the fuck up the service past it being useable (totally possible i bet).
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