Badcat (triptogn) wrote,

good mornin'

Howdy all, thought I would post some stuff.

Found out friday that we are in escrow and all that good stuff, our loan is good, now all we wait for is closing day supposedly. yay? I would be acting really stoked if I weren't afraid of invisible road blocks ahead of me that I don't know about. I havent run into any so far through this whole thing, but I'm still nervous about it anyway.

We are going out to the house today to take measurements of some things, because we need to buy stuff like a refridgerator and washer/dryer. Its hard to shop for stuff like that when you know absolutely nothing on the subject, and I'm such a researcher on big purchaes. So far we like the Samsung fridges and the Sears Kenmore Elites the most.

Yesterday, Kelly's parents took us out to breakfast which was nice. The whole day was a long whirlwind of events though. Breakfast was at 9am, then we went and got kelly a new phone, so she now has the iphone 3gs, which is a bit faster than my 3g. Of course we had to go to the Sanrio store and get one of those rubber Hello Kitty iphone protectors too... After that we headed home and got the dogs for a walk, which ended up several miles instead of just one. We took a turn off up this one trail and it ended up being a really big hike for us, so we were just DONE when we got home after the whole day. Ended up watching Ponyo and The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. Ponyo was cool, but the crazy weather and giant waves was like out of nightmares that both kelly and I have so that was kinda weird and creepy. Parnassus was good but I got confused when they had to start interjecting new actors to cover for Heath Ledger. I knew it was gonna happen, but they do it so smoothly that I got confused, I R DUMB
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Awesome news on the house!

I couldn't make it through Parnassus for that very reason. It's sad that the movie had to suffer because of Heath Ledger's death, but it would have been worth scrapping and starting over to make it cohesive.
I dont know if terry gilliam can afford that kind of disaster though really, if you ever watched the documentary about him trying to get don quixote off the ground it would make more sense. It seems like Terry is cursed a bit.

Hats off to them for getting it done. Terry even gave the movie credit to Heath, calling it By Heath Ledger and friends.

The extras in the blu-ray said that the 3 actors that filled in for him didn't even take pay for it.
Terry Gilliam Barbecue Plagued By Production Delays

LONDON—A backyard barbecue hosted by director Terry Gilliam was postponed again Sunday due to production delays. "I had a special grill flown in from Fiji, but it took three weeks to figure out how to light it," Gilliam said of the 20-foot, volcano-shaped propane grill he'd deemed integral to the Tiki-themed event. "Then, just when I had the menu hammered out, Johnny [Depp] got sick, and I had to push the date back again. See, the whole thing was for his birthday in June." In spite of the continued delays, party guest Elvis Mitchell predicted that the event will be "visually stunning" and "fun."
Terry Gilliam always has the worst luck on getting his movies done. That Poncho Villa film is another that comes to mind.
Hey congrats on the house and if you need any help with the washer dryer stuff let me know I did a ton of research when we purchased ours over the summer and learned a lot. I'd be very happy to pass on the information.

Also I want to talk to you and Kelly about two events in November and October. Send me an e-mail (it's the one attached to this account not the account, that's gone).