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LOTR [01 May 2010|02:04am]
Call me a puss, but seeing Samwise carry Frodo up Mount Doom makes me cry every time.
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appraisal [30 Apr 2010|05:00pm]
The appraisal went well, the house is worth about 33k more than what we are paying for it. =D
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Another House update [27 Apr 2010|10:11pm]
The sellers accepted all of our "fix" proposals, more than we had hoped for, so on to the next stage.

I think the appraiser goes out there tomorrow, so we'll find out if the house is worth what they say it's worth, and another bailout point comes.
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House Update [24 Apr 2010|05:21pm]
For those who keep up with Livejournal still.

Last weekend we had the offer accepted, and scheduled an appointment with an inspector to get a closer look at things, because quite frankly, like most of my friends who have never tried to buy a house, we don't know jack shit about houses and what is good or not.

I felt like the $450.00 was very well spent, as we found out that for the most part the house is in very good condition, but there are some serious enough problems that we should have them fixed by the seller or find something elsewhere.

Unlike in California, believe it or not we get alot of rain around Seattle. That means your roof has to be on the ball, and you need to make sure water isnt getting under the house. Unfortunately for us, the Roof is pretty old, and probably needs some servicing, so we are asking for a warranty on that, or have them fix it till there can be a warranty applied to it. Under the house is another matter, there needs to be a pump installed for run off water, because the original installation, while done right, is not really sufficient to ensure water doesnt get into some of the wood down there, so we have to get that fixed too.

If they don't want to fix these things, we are calling the deal off, and will look elsewhere. There are hundreds upon hundreds of other places out there, so why go through the grief of dealing with problems?

Anyways, the inspection was really interesting as the guy was very very good, and made me a thick booklet explaining how things work, why they work the way they do, why they are important, and then the full listing of issues that he found. He also included a book explaining how to fix minor issues like a leak in a sink and other stuff of that nature the he and his colleagues wrote.

After the inspection, we got a contractor out there immediately to do an estimate on the pump installation, which came out to about 3k. We are pretty sure they will agree to fixing that, but if they don't, see ya!

The only thing that would really suck if they don't want to do this, besides dropping out of a deal for a house we actually like would be the fact that we are so close to the end of the tax credit, it would be very unlikely we would get in contract with another home soon enough to take advantage of it still... I guess we'll have to see what happens.

If you are curious as to what the house is all about here is a link to it on redfin.
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Ah, Why not? [20 Apr 2010|11:37pm]
It was almost exactly a year ago when Kelly had posted that we were starting to put our thinking caps on in regards to buying a house. We clammed up after that, not wanting to jump the gun on something we weren't prepared to go all the way in with, especially feeling gunshy over the way the market was going this time of year last year and whatnot.

Anyways, to make a long story short, we got pre-approved for a home loan at the beginning of the month, got a realtor a few weeks ago, looked at approximately 15+ houses, made an offer on one last week, did some counter offer rigamarole for a couple days, Got our offer accepted on Saturday, got our home loan approved today, and I do the house inspection tomorrow. We are getting the appraisal this week as well, since our realtor is awesome and smooth talked our lender into getting it done in 3 days instead of 10.

We are pretty pleased over all with how it's going, but as we all know there could be stumbles, so we are just hanging out waiting to see what happens.

The house is in a city called Duvall, where our friends Chad and Nisha live. It's a small town about 11 miles from where we are now, but it only has a population of about 5,000 people. Think of it kind of like Jamul in San Diego. There is one grocery store, no fast food restaurants and lots of quiet, but all we do is drive 10 miles and we are near all the normal city stuff.

The house is a 4 bedroom 2020 sq ft place. Has 2.5 bathrooms, a really big yard, garage, and the backyard goes into a green belt where there is no one out there but the animals/woods. The next door neighbor is the mayor, and we'll be 2 doors down from a co-worker of mine.

We don't anticipate any major issues with the house as its been well cared for, and not too old, it was built in the late 80s. I guess I'll find out all about it's dark secrets tomorrow, where we'll have another opportunity to pull the plug if it's not looking good.

Anyways, we are excited.
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There must be a story to this [10 Apr 2010|01:46am]

Kramer Family photos
Originally uploaded by triptogn
So, I'm going through the few thousand photos that my dad scanned in of our family dating back to the early 1920s or so, and I find this gem of my dad doing god knows what with some of his military work buddies.

WTF is going on here lol?!
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Ready [07 Apr 2010|05:48pm]
I'm ready to go home and be with the wife and beasts.
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weekend update [04 Apr 2010|09:48pm]
I've spent the weekend utterly exhausted, since i've been having a bit of insomnia the past week or so. I hope whatever is causing it passes soon.

We spent Easter at Kelly's parents house, where we had a nice brunch. My dinner was leftovers from yesterday's breakfast at this place called the Brown Bag (highly recommended if you ever visit), so I'm breakfasted out of my mind.

Today was Phillip's 3rd birthday, we even got the dogs birthday hats and made them a special dinner (wet food = special for them lol). I took a couple pictures of them looking ridiculous, I'll post them later.
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credit [03 Apr 2010|07:04pm]
Today we had a bit of unexpected good news upon checking up on our credit. My average across all 3 agencies was 706 and Kelly's was something redonkulous like 760 or so.

We were pleased.

I've had this long standing believe that my credit was total shit, and would refuse to apply for credit on anything for the entire duration of our relationship. I guess paying some bills off , keeping my credit card active but paid on time and paying my car off had some positive impacts.
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[31 Mar 2010|01:04am]
My dad sent me a package, that I'm waiting for, where he scanned in about 2 or 3 thousand photos from the family archive, which I'll sort through and post up on my flickr account. It's too bad that I won't know who some of the people are in the older pictures, as the people who knew who they were have passed on (ie mom, and all of my grandparents). My dad did his best to guess who was who here and there, but for the most part I'll be lost.

I've been really busy working on work, which has been pretty interesting and difficult for the past few months. I went from being the only guy working on pvp maps for our game to the guy supervising everyone working on the pvp maps for our game and designing all of the components, rules, and internal workings of that portion of the game. It's nice to be trusted with that much of the game, hell it's a huge portion. With the responsibility come the stress, and there is alot to keep track of. I'm glad I'm up to the task, but that means I forget other stuff in life like writing in my journal, even when minor things go on that I would like to share. I just forget to the share them.

I took a few days off last week, but pretty much squandered it in a miasma of anger over videogames I'm bad at, doing research on personal projects, and generally being the boring guy that i've become since I settled into white american suburban life.

I think the honeymoon with this apartment complex is over. It's not you, it's me. No...actually it's you.

Its really obvious that the rent has gone down in our complex. It went down for us last year a significant amount, which is such a rarity, but I have to wonder what they are charging new people to come in here, because the ghetto is starting to creep into this place. A complex that once had bmws and audis now has beat up camry's and buick lesabres in the parking lot. I'm positive someone in an adjoining building is selling drugs because I see all kinds of weird fuckers at any given time of day, especially late at night when I happen to be taking the dogs out. You just dont see that random of people all heading to the same house, which happens to be the residence of tripped out punk rock girl and her brother who has a fucking pentagram tattooed on his forehead. I literally saw this dude on the street corner not even a block away from our apartment complex with a homeless sign begging for money on the street corner, yet i know exactly where he lives. If a "homeless" guy is paying his rent, what the fuck is he paying and why do I pay as much, if not more than him? Questions abound. This place has been fantastic and quiet for the most part though, and I guess I'm just over it, because I haven't lived in the same spot for more than 2 years in a very very long time.
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Long Weekend [14 Feb 2010|11:08am]
Yesterday we went on a long drive with the dogs across the state, and nearly made it to the other side before we decided to turn around. Had we actually had a goal in mind on that side of the area, we may have stayed, but it was an impromptu road trip, and we just wanted to have a little adventure.

We ended up doing a couple fun things along the way.

We went to where the closest ski resort is, which we have never checked out before, in fact I've never been to a ski resort before this ever. I wouldn't call it a "ski resort" though, at least not in the sense that I know from movies, but just the same it was cool seeing hundreds of people on the slopes less than an hour away from our house where we haven't so much as seen a single flake of snow this season. The real fun part was, Sabrina was absolutely thrilled to be seeing snow and she literally frolicked about in it, which was awesome. Last year we she really loved the snow, so it was super cute to see her get so excited about it again.

Later on, we visited Ellensburg for the second time. You may recall me posting going to an old town that had lots of old style signage that was completely shut down from a massive rodeo going on when I first moved out there. That's the town. We went to a hole in the wall burger shop out there, and both have the shits now. Thanks Ellensburg!

Many miles down the road we saw a sign for a petrified forest, so we veer off to go check it out. It wasn't exactly what I would call a forest. If you think of rolling hills that kinda look like desert with the occasional hole in the ground where you see part of a stump, than you've got the right picture. The dogs enjoyed that adventure, and we were the only people for miles around for a while, which made it feel like we were in some kind of post apocalyptic movie.

We then drove further out and almost made it to Spokane before turning around. We decided we had had enough, which is fortunate thanks to the secretly plotting burger massacre going on in our stomachs. I'm glad we came back when we did.

Last night we caught up on the opening ceremony for the Olympics. It was a class ceremony imho, especially after seeing how crazy the Beijing one was. They are all impressive in their own way. The highlight for me had to be K.D. Lang singing Hallelujah though. She has never been on my map as a singer, but she was absolutely mind blowing during the Olympic Opening Ceremony. One person on a rounded platform, surrounded by 65,000 people all waving little candle lights... Singing her heart out... I really thought that was magical, and she sounded amazing.

Today we are going to attempt to see the Lightning Thief movie. I've been reading the first book, and Kelly has already read a couple of them. It's directed by the guy who did the first two Harry Potter movies, so how bad could it possibly be?
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intarnets [01 Feb 2010|07:57pm]
I luvs me some internets. So much fun to be had on the intarwebz.
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Sentiments voiced better elsewhere [31 Dec 2009|07:13pm]
I think several of my friends posts sum up how I feel about the end of the year. I'm not feeling particularly reflective right now. I don't have any major things I want to accomplish in the next year, that I'm not already working on right now, so I don't feel the need for resolutions. I don't have that kind of resolve.

I don't think we are going anywhere tonight, since we have few friends, none of which are the partying type. We don't really go to clubs anymore, I guess that time is done, at least till we get the itch to do it again. I looked in the local version of "The Reader" called "The Stranger" (the same, smaller, but much much cooler) and looked to see what was going on tonight, but nothing of real interest popped out at me. Had there been some super cool bands or cover shows, I might have been tempted. There is a Labyrinth of Jareth kind of thing going out here, but its being put on by drag queens which gets a big meh from me (I'll never get drag queens, I never have, I doubt I ever will).

There was a nerdcore hiphop show near here, that I found out about after the fact. I would have been interested in going to something like that. I guess lately I've been embrassing the nerd in me and running with it, I mean, hell, why not? I'm not out to impress anyone, I have little interest in relationships with my co-workers outside of the work environment, and I'm a firm believe that nerd is the new goth.

Anyways, heres to hoping you all have a good whatever you are gonna do. I would get drunk if I drank, but I'm not cool, and kinda a downer, so I won't.
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christmas lights [23 Dec 2009|11:54pm]
We just got back from doing an improptu Christmas light outing and got to see a couple of nicely done neighborhoods, even if none of it was really to the scale that I'm used to seeing in San Diego.

It was fun to take the beasts and the wife out on a drive though, and we got into the spirit of things singing to Christmas music on the radio.

The uber cool hipster fuckfaces of Seattle have done a really great job of stifling any Christmas cheer one might have, looking at me blankly when I wish them a Merry Christmas and not even wishing me so much as a happy holiday in return, but they couldn't stop me and I finally got returned the well wishes today by a waitress this afternoon. It took a good 20 or 30 tries, but I prevailed and got a stranger to wish me Merry Christmas. Was that so hard?

I don't want to get into it too deep, but Christmas hate, and Christian bashing is getting pretty tired for me. I'm tired of seeing people who have a little faith in something getting put down like they are a bunch of rubes. I see it here on LJ, I hear it over cubicles at work, a hear it in the coffee shops.... I guess it feels pretty good to feel so enlighted, to have such a strong belief in non-belief. I can only guess that from how enthusiastic they sound when they clown those of us who have faith in something more than what we can touch and see.

I'll stick to being a rube. Merry Christmas everyone!
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My Year in review. [23 Dec 2009|04:55pm]
I pretty much rocked this year and made it my bitch. Typically awesome of me, I know.

That is all.
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drunk neighbor R.I.P. [23 Dec 2009|04:26pm]
Crazy drunk neighbor drank himself to death, literally.

I guess we wont have crazy neighbor across the way walking over to his place at 2am in nothing but a tshirt anymore.
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me and pops [20 Dec 2009|10:54am]

Steve Kramer and His Dad
Originally uploaded by triptogn
zomg he practically has a beard!
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Older! [20 Dec 2009|10:53am]

Originally uploaded by triptogn
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Older [20 Dec 2009|10:52am]

Me as a Baby
Originally uploaded by triptogn
Hey, I'm older!
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Hey there! [20 Dec 2009|10:51am]

Originally uploaded by triptogn
Here I am on day 1.

I didn't post about it, but a couple days ago was the anniversary of my Mom's passing. Instead of being melancholy about it, I decided to be grateful for the life she gave me.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Instead of being melancholy about turning an epic 37 years old, I'm going to be grateful that I'm healthy, drama free, and employed.
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