Badcat (triptogn) wrote,

Fell down feel better

Im looking forward to this weekend if not for any reason other than I hope for it to be relatively pain free. I did a slick manuver about a week ago where I thought there was one less step on the stairs and walked right into open air, causing a jarring fall. My back has been miserable ever since.

Today was the first day it hasnt hurt, so I hope it stays that way so I can enjoy the weekend versus being miserable like the last.

Its looking like we are going to be doing a bit of travel this year based on the tentative plans so far. We plan to go to the Harry Potter theme park sometime this year, we have a birthday thing to go to in vegas in June, and my sister is getting married in June too.

Were I still working at SOE, I wouldn't be concerned about the time off I need, because I always had around 300 hours plus of PTO hanging around (same at midway for that matter) but now that I'm at a new place, I just don't have alot of time accrued, and I won't be able to get it in time either. *shrug*

Yeah, I'm still here on LJ and i check it.
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