Badcat (triptogn) wrote,

New Horizons

I wanted to wait until it was more official, but since I'm going in tomorrow, I guess it's pretty official that I got a job.

I'm going to be working at Hidden Path Entertainment starting tomorrow as a game designer. I'm going to be paid more than I was at SOE, so that's nice, and its a smaller company which could mean any number of things depending on how you look at it. I look at it as an opportunity to get my ideas out to the game world in a less filtered manner, because I'll be one of two designers working under the design director ( I said its a small outfit!).

I'm excited to see what this new adventure will bring, and I hope I'm coherent because I took a sleeping pill an hour ago to try and get me into bed before the 3am average I've been doing the past 2 months.

When I know more about my employers, I'm sure i'll be able to tell you more about them. Right now, I know that they have released a relatively popular tower defense game called Defense Grid on a few platforms, they have done some contract work for other development companies and publishers, and they do a lot of cutting edge experimental stuff for big companies.

Anyways, we are excited, and I hope you are too lol. It was a bumpy 7 weeks for me, but I'm glad to be on my feet so soon.

Now I can spend some of my free time on pursuits other than job searching... like say, video games and music! That would be nice, wouldn't it?
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Good luck tomorrow! Pack a nutritionally balanced lunch high in vitamins for yourself!
So happy to hear that Steve! Should my little venture take off and I need a studio that is MSFT approved I may have to come a calling :)
w00t!! Go you!
you're LUCKY to have scored so quickly
Although I am sure it did not feel that way to you, 7 weeks is not much compared to some of my other friends looking for work. I am happy for you, sounds exciting. Good luck in your new job & congrats! :)