Badcat (triptogn) wrote,

This weekend was exhausting

It's not really just the weekend, but the past few weeks have been exhausting for me. At work E3 has been looming, and it's just around the corner which means a ton of work for people like me who work in video games. On top of E3, I've been uhm... (how do I put this diplomatically/gently?) adjusting to job duties that I now attend to.

Work stress on the normal is something that can get someone down, but the fact that I'm supposedly getting the keys to my new house in about a week and a half is really putting the pressure on.

Friday night it was solo night, because Cute K had a date with the ladies from work, and they were gonna get their drank on. That mean me chilling with the beasts, eating hotdogs for dinner like a bachelor, and me watching Seven Samurai because... well it's awesome and why the fuck not?

Saturday we saw a facebook post from our realtor which reminded us that the big town event in our newly adopted town was going down on mainstreet and we decided to scoop up the beasts and roll out to it. We had a good time, but it was epic exhausting for a few reasons. It might have been the first day we've seen actual sunshine in weeks, and I don't do so well in the sun because I take a medication that doesn't like sun much. It wiped me out! The dogs were tired as hell too, so they must have had a good time. The town we are moving to is like moving to Julian but a little more up to date. Think of the updated North Park in SD but the size of Julian and only ONE street. Anyways we met a ton of nice people, saw a friend of a friend again, who I have the feeling we are going to be hanging out with alot once we move, and we even saw our realtor at a booth on the street. Its pretty neat, we are moving to a small town, it has a small town feel, and people actually all seem to know each other.

Sunday/today we got up and bought boxes for our move and got started on some early packing. Before the packing had to start, I had to get me mine, so I took care of my husbandly duties, but that nearly knocked me out. Luckily I revived quickly and we got around to some packing, so here I am writing in a room with some boxes packed up. This room is not done yet but its a start, gotta start somewhere. I'm pooped.
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