Badcat (triptogn) wrote,

Another Yelp Douchebag episode

I bring you this review on a place called Herbfarm here in Seattle that gets crazy good reviews. Of course there is always someone who has had better elsewhere therefore the place is overrated by the locals.

When you start off your review with "I grew up jet setting around the world" you know you are in for an epic treat of douchebaggery... so I bring you Danielle L. of Seattle.


I grew up jet setting around the world and having the opportunity to taste exquisite cuisine where money knows no bounds. I would say that Seattle's, Herbfarm, is an upscale, trendy attempt to bring fine dining to the Pacific Northwest. Nothing I had knocked my socks off nor impressed me, even the fish which I would have assumed would be delectable. It is however a dining experience that everyone should try at least once, and appreciate that 9 course dinners often run 10's of thousands of dollars in places as native as New York.

To say that this is the best restaurant in Seattle is quite an overstatement, however can easily be defended by the lack of choice and by lack of experience of Seattle's residents with truly decadent dining. If you live here, try it once! If you are visiting, wait and go to Voltaire in New York. It's much better food despite the price.

A quick point: Anyone that would comment that this is the best f*ing restaurant in the area, that is one of the most unique restaurants, and that people that can't afford it should stay away are just the type of person that speaks without really knowing anything about fine dining. To say that this is unique or one of the best restaurants in the world just displays how small minded and inexperienced they are in the first place. Money is no object to me or my travel companions and I also found that the price for this meal was slightly overpriced, although arguably the view definitely makes up for that. I would suggest that no matter what your financial means, if you live in this area you should try it for a special occasion once, accepting that you will pay a bit more for the food than you normally would!
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