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Hi, It's been a while! [27 Jan 2016|05:47pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I'm at work, over 3 years later since my last post. I still have the same job as before, working as a game designer for Hidden Path Entertainment.

I can barely imagine anyone stumbling upon this anymore, since I have no way to tell if anyone is posting to Livejournal anymore, but there are just so many stories here that I can't give it up completely enough to just let it die. Not unless they just take it all away from us.

I made a troll account for tumblr today because I was feeling annoyed about something, and I wanted to lash out at the entire subset of the internet that resides there. It reminded me of my posts here, and I read through some old emails that were largely sparked by this journal and my sadcat journal. My hapless girl troubles, struggles with depression, trying to figure myself out and eventual redemption into finding a path for my life.

I'm grateful to livejournal and it's users, it's a recorded history of a period of my life that is largely black without its existence.

I think I really learned how to relate to people here without having to be in their presence 24/7 and I also realized that a friend made, can be a friend forever regardless of your geographical location or even frequency of contact. I know my world is better for knowing everyone I met here, even with some of the drama that came along with it.

I'm on the cusp of another major milestone, which seems to be when I think about this place the most often. My daughter mentioned in my last post is now over 3 years old... She's beautiful, amazing and totally life changing for me. I thought I knew something about love until I met her, and it took her years so far to tell me that I don't know shit about love and still am learning. I realize I will be learning about love for my entire life, and I was silly to think the beginning or end of that was in my day to day events. With time comes wisdom, I suppose.

Anyways, I greet you with a message that I'm to be a dad again, this time with a son. He's supposed to arrive next week if all goes to plan, and I look forward to what he has to teach me as much as I am looking forward to teaching him a thing or two. I hope I can do as good a job of molding a man as my father did, that's the best I can hope for.

Life is happy with Cute K, and it's been that way ever since she entered my life. I sometimes reminisce about the ones that got away, only to lead me to the life I have now, and it all happened the way it was supposed to be. I'll go home tonight to a very pregnant wife, two excited dogs, an indifferent cat and be greeted to the enthusiastic cry of "Daddy!" and I look forward to it.

Hey, look at that, a checkbox for Facebook! That should draw a few WTFs from some people! Lol!

Now that I've checked that box, I realize that this post will seem totally out of character for me, because I use FB as platform to read what friends are up to and try to remind them that I'm around still, a little bit of funny and troll and pictures rolled into one. I gave up on deep thoughts there a long ass time ago, as it's not the place for those things, no one reads that stuff. They won't read this either unless I give them a secret word like "Snarf" to post after they get to this point. Trolling again, see how my writing changes once I know who my audience is? Forever the chameleon.

When I was a younger guy I used to notice how my laugh was never my laugh most of the time. It ended up being similar to the person that i was around a lot at that time. They all had distinctive wonderful laughs that I wanted to emulate, perhaps to feel closer to them. I'll never know why I did that. I might still do it too. Some things never change like being overly loud at the office, you can't take the loud out of the loud guy I guess.

I just changed mood to chipper. I set a mood. Good ole livejournal.

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hi [17 Dec 2012|03:50pm]
I've been a dad for a couple weeks now. My daughter's name is Kira Lee Kramer. That is all.
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Hey there [11 Oct 2011|05:44pm]
Work has been tough and keeping me real busy lately. Our game was announced about 2 months ago now, and it's been hectic ever since.

This week our game (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is showing in New York at the comicon there and there is going to be alot of high end players there from the cs 1.6 scene taking a gander at it. On top of that ESL is doing a tournament with it and broadcasting it on the intarwebs, so it's been a high pressure week.

We haven't been up to a whole lot. We went to Vegas for a few days about 3 weeks ago, and had a good time. We've been decorating the house for our annual pumpkin carving party, and I've been getting involved in the local import car scene, which has been different but fun.

Since we've lived in Washington, We've completely exited the goth scene altogether. We've been to club twice since moving here, and it doesn't really cross my mind that often. When you are single its one thing, but when you are married and 45 minutes away from the nearest club, it loses its attraction I guess.

I'm incredibly relieved that my game is finally announced, it was tiring to not be able to talk about it after my layoff with SOE last year. I wanted to badly to let everyone know that I "fell" upward and onto a very high profile gig, but I couldn't. Now after all this time, it doesn't seem as important to let everyone know as it did when I was still smarting from the SOE departure. I guess I just wanted everyone, and myself, know that I'm still good at this game design thing. I went from being a pretty well loved designer on a very popular game over to working on something that I couldn't talk about the entire time I worked on it... the laid off from that project, to land on another project I couldn't talk about.

Anyways, Nanowrimo is coming up, and Kelly and I will both be partcipating this year. I want to start over from the story i tried to write last year and approach it correctly this time. I have a rough outline and i'm working on a character list for it. I just want to be prepared enough to just enjoy the process instead of feeling swamped by it.

Anyways, hi LJ land. based on reading my friend's list, not many of you come here anymore. Thats ok though, I like writing in my Journal still, and LJ is that place.
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wax on wax off [18 Jul 2011|01:48pm]
I learned how to wax my car this weekend. Up to this point in my life, I've never bothered with it, but seeing how I now have a car thats in the 40k range of price, I figure I should take better care of it then say my Civic or Mazda3.

Apparently my sister-in-law is betrothed to a man who genuinely enjoys washing cars, and he had what might have been around 500 bucks in gear just dedicated to the art.

Long story short, I learned out to use a buffing machine and learned about polish and sealant for cars along with the process of applying them.

The only bad side effect from this hands on learning experience was the fact we missed our town's yearly event formerly known as "Duvall Days". They've changed it into what they are calling the "Country Livin' Festival". It was supposedly a 2 day event that only lasted one day, so we missed it altogether thinking we could enjoy it at our leisure on Sunday. We went to one of the local businesses which had an employee that was as perplexed as we were that nothing was going on for Sunday. I don't think any of us got the memo.
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It's July and I'm a Horrible Blogger [14 Jul 2011|10:48am]
If you think this blog is neglected, you should see my devgamer blog. I make money off of that one and I can't be bothered.

Our lives in Duvall are pretty boring, to be honest. There is an event in our little town yearly called "Duvall Days" which they are renaming to the "Country Living Festival". Apparently, I'm just getting the memo that I've been "Country Living" for the past year.

Granted, its nice, quiet and its a bit off the beaten path, but I think its pretty nice out there. Its nice in that Astoria, Oregon "Goonies" kind of way. You could imagine being a kid and getting into trouble out there.

Work has been great in general. We will be announcing our game within a few weeks it looks like, which means I'll finally be able to talk about what I've been doing for the past year. I've been responsible for stuff, I never thought I would be put in charge of, and it's been a weird experience for me. I'm looking forward to the coming weeks, but along with it comes some stress because we are going to be having professional gamers coming out to play our title, the game is being announced, and other stuff is coming up next month in regards to it that I can't say yet. It's all adding up to a bunch of AAAAAAAaaaaaahhhh!!!

The plan this year was to go on a vacation to the Harry Potter theme park, but that kind of went out the window when multiple summertime weddings popped up that we had to go to. Unfortunately for us the weddings were back to back in California, so it was a huge pain in the ass to go to them.

The first wedding was in San Diego, so we got a friend to look after our dogs and flew out for the weekend. It ended up being a whirlwind trip of visiting disneyland, going to a wedding and barely seeing any friends. By the end of it we were exhausted, especially me because we flew back to Seattle at 6am and I had to be at work that day by 10am.

The following weekend was my little sister's wedding, so we chose to save some money and drive to Fresno, which comes out to about 16 or 17 hours of driving if you generally obey the speed limit (which we obey.... generally...) The drive for the most part, was a lesson in misery. We left Thursday night right after we got off work, and I ended up driving that night until about 3:30 am. We woke up at 9:30 am and started up again, arriving at my dad's in Lemoore at around 8pm. I ended up missing the wedding rehearsal and dinner because of it.

The wedding went well, but it was weird. I didn't meet my new brother-in-law untill after they got hitched for example. Also, my sister's best friend Bonnie, happens to be my first ex girlfriend, to whom I have not spoken since the day she dumped me. Apparently she went on to marry a guy named Steve, and it was weird and awkward talking to her.

Anyways. That weekend was brutal, it was awkward and tiring. Sunday that weekend we had to do the entire 17 hour drive in one sitting so I could be at work on Monday.

In other news, I bought a new car. I've been wanting an all wheel drive car ever since we first moved up here due to how scary it was to drive my mazda 3 in the awful snowy weather. Kelly's XB doesn't do that much better, but she at least has anti lock brakes. Back when I bought the 3 anti lock brakes were an option, and I lived in So Cal where it barely ever rains. Anyways, I bought a 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR. Its kind of a fast car with great traction, so I got something fun at the same time. Its been interesting having what one would call a "nice" car in terms of being a sedan with sports tendancies.

Looks like I have a bug triage meeting. Gotta go
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Always waiting [10 May 2011|09:16pm]
Since we live out in the sticks, we can only get DSL for internet. It's not super horribly slow, at least when I mostly play my online games which is relatively late at night, but when it's primetime like right now, the download speeds are pretty slow.

I'm downloading a game demo and patching Rift right now, but its taking forever. I figured I might as well post while I wait, because I sure as hell don't want to watch Dancing With the Stars right now.

This waiting reminds me of the fact that I've been waiting forever to tell people what I've been working on at my new job. They have yet to officially announce the game, so I can't announce it either. It's kinda frustrating, because to tell the truth, I feel like its a pimpin' project, and I want to brag a little =). I expect the cat will be out of the bag pretty soon, because we hit code complete last week, and there is probably only a month or two of work left to do on the thing. That means I wouldn't be at all surprised if its shown at E3. It's not ours to show though, so to speak, its up to the people who contracted our work, so who knows what will happen there.

I was going to try and take care of mowing the lawn this evening because there was a break in the rain today and the sun came out. I hear it will rain all weekend, so my windows of opportunity are fading away like the sunshine. Mowing the lawn is really fucking hard in the rain because when the grass is wet, its very heavy and hard to get out of the grass catcher. Anyways, it just took to long to get home today so the mowing will have to wait.

I can't begin to explain how crazy fast the grass grows. I might do a picture a day after I mow it to show you guys. The grass is easily past stomach height of the dogs, and they dont like going in it when its wet because they get soaked. I wouldnt want to dangle my bits in the toilet in the morning, so who would blame them for not wanting to dangle theirs in 40 degree dew covered grass in the morning?
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[09 May 2011|11:19am]
It's been a couple of months since I've posted, but I do drop into LJ and read a couple times a week. I guess it's another case of, if you don't have something to complain about, you usually don't post. I think thats kind of terrible, and I want to be better about it. I haven't abandoned this place for facebook.

I don't post all that regularly in my gaming blog either, to be honest, which I need to be better about. If you didn't know about it, its at
I mostly talk about games there, and maybe a bit of music. I should pay more attention to it, because quite honestly, I do accumulate a bit of money from there, but its slow thanks to my neglect. When I make an honest stab at posting there, I can make a couple bucks per post in terms of traffic.

I'm really in a routine right now, that isn't particularly good or bad, it just is. I go to work 5 days a week, I don't ever do overtime thanks to how awesome the guys that run the company are. If I'll end up doing any OT it will be in the next month or two, and thats because we are a month or two from going gold and shipping. Thats right. I'm working at a video game company, we are past code complete, and I haven't worked a whit of overtime.

On the weekends, the cute k and are catch up on things we havent done all week like shopping, cleaning, and house maintenance.

Thats about the whole routine. It's not really exciting, and its not very dramatic to tell you the truth. Life is a drama, but we are the bit actors right now it seems. Thats ok, we like it like this. We live in a quiet town, on a quiet street in a quiet house (except for me, I'm loud).

A couple of events recently:

A couple weeks ago we went to Sakura-Con. I think I posted videos of the last time we went, which was about 2 years ago. I had a good time, just like the first time, because if anything its so visually interesting to see thousands of people dressed as anime and video game characters walking around. To be honest, I think I would have as much fun just sitting around all way watching them pass by as I would going into the exhibition hall, which really isn't much more than vending booths. I did like the vending booths this year though, because there was alot more video game related stuff. In fact, classic gaming was heavily represented here, and it happens to be a major interest of mine. I don't know what it is about seattle, but there are a bunch of shops sprouting up that buy and sell classic games, going all the way back to the 70s. This is huge for people like me who like to collect these kinds of things. I have an entire room of our house dedicated as a game room, which houses my classic games and game systems. Anyways, they were heavily represented this year, which lead me to buying a classic ps1 game for kelly that shes been seeking for several years (bust a groove) and I found an Atari Lynx handheld system, which I scored for 50 bucks (well worth it, these things are rare!). Anyways, we didn't stay too long, but we had a good time. It just one of those yearly events that pop up around here that we like to go to when we can.

A month or two ago we went to the Seattle dog show. We got there really early, because we wanted to see the Cavalier King Charles dogs do their thing, and we got to meet a bunch of them, which was fun for us as Cav owners. We ended up watching a few of the rings, then saw some dog dancing and watched the agility trials before we left. We ended up spending some money there and got the dogs these nice washable dog pads for their crates, which have proved to be a great purchase so far. They are really durable, and the dogs seem to like them.

About a week ago, I performed some improv guitar at the local tavern, but it was a disaster to say the least. Normally, I fare pretty well when it comes to improvising guitar, but like so many things in life, your success is often closely tied to those you surround yourself with. At this event, your name is drawn from a list of random people and a band is put together. As soon as I walked in the door the even organizer put me right on stage ( as a side note, he's a session guitarist for Queensryche and Geoff Tate's solo work, nice guy). Just before I take the stage, Joe, (the organizer guy) warned me that the drummer was terrible and I would have to be really obvious to keep the guy on beat. Well I get on stage, and sure enough it was a disaster. The guy wanted to play some kind of blues shuffle, and anyone that knows me as a guitarist knows I have no interest in playing bluesy material, so it didn't go well. We played 2 or 3 songs, and it was pretty much a musician's nightmare in front of an audience of maybe 30 people. Lol. oh well. I might do the event again, its once every couple months, but I don't know. It was pretty brutal. Joe was nice and complimeted me on the effort, and even tried to make me feel better by saying that drummer guy should never be allowed on a stage, but what can you do? I was embarassed.
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Fell down feel better [28 Jan 2011|11:27am]
Im looking forward to this weekend if not for any reason other than I hope for it to be relatively pain free. I did a slick manuver about a week ago where I thought there was one less step on the stairs and walked right into open air, causing a jarring fall. My back has been miserable ever since.

Today was the first day it hasnt hurt, so I hope it stays that way so I can enjoy the weekend versus being miserable like the last.

Its looking like we are going to be doing a bit of travel this year based on the tentative plans so far. We plan to go to the Harry Potter theme park sometime this year, we have a birthday thing to go to in vegas in June, and my sister is getting married in June too.

Were I still working at SOE, I wouldn't be concerned about the time off I need, because I always had around 300 hours plus of PTO hanging around (same at midway for that matter) but now that I'm at a new place, I just don't have alot of time accrued, and I won't be able to get it in time either. *shrug*

Yeah, I'm still here on LJ and i check it.
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Brutal Weekend [20 Dec 2010|01:44pm]
What was supposed to be a relaxing and fun weekend turned into disaster because the dogs got crazy sick over the last week.

At first, sometime midweek Sabrina started getting the shits which equates to mulitple baths a day for the dogs and a whole bunch of misery for everyone involved. As she got better, Phillip started getting sick which started to peak on Saturday and Sunday. I narrowed it down to it being most likely that one of the bully sticks (dog bone) that we got them last week had to been bad somehow because their diets havent changed at all and there was nothing weird for them to get into.

Anyways, Saturday, which I wanted to spend shopping for Kelly ended up being me staying home all day with the dogs watching Phil shit on the floor randomly and wanting to eat grass in the backyard. Kelly was at her mom's doing cookie decorating, and the overall day was miserable.

That night, I had my company's christmas party which was pleasant but entirely unavoidable to go to considering I'm one of 25 employees there, and new.

Sunday, the goal was to have some family over for my birthday which is tomorrow. This of course spiraled into disaster as Phillip started chili blasting the house at random, completely without control of his bowels. Then the dog vomiting started happening with him, with a notable moment when he vomited all over my chest and into my beard as I was holding him. To say my little birthday get together was less than a hit overall would be an understatement, not that it could be helped.

Kelly and I did redeem the night after he calmed down and stopped being sick and went out to see Tron in the IMAX theater which I enjoyed. The single bright spot to an overall disaster of a weekend.

We are both exhausted now and at our respective places of employment, one can only wonder what disaster awaits me when I return home tonight. Kelly is doing overtime, and I would be immensely surprised if there are no toxic waste cleanups in my future tonight.

If we don't see improvement today, I think part of my birthday tomorrow will be spent at the vet with a nice vet bill as a present.
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Man, what a long week! [28 Nov 2010|09:47pm]
Call me weird, but I'm glad we are starting fresh on a new week tomorrow!

I'm exhausted on a number of levels, both mentally and physically.

It all started last Monday when there was a threat of snow. They had been threatening us with this supposed snow for the greater part of a week, but it didn't really materialize over the weekend. Then sometime Monday it hit, and new (new to us anyway) game of timing when the eff to get out of dodge began @ work. I knew at some point, I would have to leave and brave the roads back home before I wouldn't be able to, and eventually that gave out around 4pm or so.

Over at Kelly's work they were too "busy" to let her go before 5pm so the clock kept ticking the snow kept falling, the sun dropped and the roads turned to pure ice for her.

Driving in snow for the both of us is hairy, let me tell you. She has a Scion XB and I have a Mazda 3, neither of which are well prepared for winter, even if we wanted them to be. Hers, its her rims that limit what we can do with the, and mine is the lack of anti lock brakes. Either way its super fucking scary.

Soooo... long story short on that night was I got home around 4:30, got a call from Kelly that she was leaving work around 5:15 or so, and then i got to wait out her over 2 hour drive home on the ice while sitting by the window watching the snow get deeper and deeper. Talk about stressed out!

She got home safely but almost didnt make it up the hill to our house. Needless to say, we were snowed in for the next day of work, and we both stayed home.

Tuesday was spent with me trying to "work" from home by evaluating a game my boss asked me to download and look at. It doesnt sound that bad except I dont like the COD games, at least not the last two that have released, and the fact that I had to download an 8 gig game on DSL during a snowstorm. It was a long day too, only broken up by moments of going outside and playing with the dogs in the snow. Sabrina loves the snow, so who would begrudge her that? It's fun.

Wednesday, we both brave driving to work despite how sketchy our cars are. It ended up not being bad, but both jobs were dead thanks to hardly anyone showing up. I felt like I went in for no reason other than to show my bosses that I'm dedicated enough to go in when the smart people stayed home.

Thurs was thanksgiving and it snowed all morning which made me pretty nervous about going to Kelly's mom's house. We knew it would stop, and it did, so we hit the road despite it being kinda hectic, but it ended up ok. We had a good time, but it was still kind of nerve wracking to drive in that situation, in fact we had to back down the hill her mom lives on because we were sliding backwards down it (fun huh! and so relaxing!).

Fri was kinda fun i guess. I was solo, kelly had to work and i had the day off. I decided to try and do some black friday madness to only end up being disappointed and more disenchanted with it than I already was. I knew going to this shit was a waste of time, and I never go, but this year I'm like why not? I've got nothing better to do. So i go to the stores and lo and behold there are no amazing deals that I can recall, no reason to make a fuss about it, and I only had more fuel added to my hatred of the term "doorbuster" which is such a fucking crock of shit. If you are "busting" doors down for socks, then be my guest. Don't expect me to me be stoked for you though, you make as much sense as a goose with two assholes.

Saturday, we shopped for chrismas lights gear. It cost is 150 bucks. That day. it cost us 50 more today, thats a story for sunday.

Sunday. So saturday night we noticed our nextdoor neighbor Kim has his lights up and we were like Sweet! Someone to up the ante against. Sure enough, we start getting set up and Kim is super interested and comes over to say hi. As I'm joking with the guy about having to show him up he laughed because he was saying we were gonna have a tough time because the guy across the way is always super hardcore. We were totally joking about throwing down, and these guys are actually competitive about it! So much that he neighbor across the street sees me talking to Kim and starts yelling across the street about how Kim sabotaged the guy's lights one year lol. Kim totally admitted it to us that he unscrewed every other bulb he could reach to mess with the guy. Anyways, so it's on. We saw how serious they were taking it, so we had to buy more lights.

Long story short, I was on the fucking roof, under bushes, back and forth to the hardware store, you name it. I'm tired of this week and ready to be done with it and get some relaxing work done at work.
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Kinda Exhausted [05 Nov 2010|12:24am]
I'm pretty tired. I'm going to bed soon. I wanted to post about some things first though.

Last weekend I made a couple of decisions that have severely affected my life this past week.

The first one came friday when I decided to participate in Nanowrimo (national novel writing month) which started on the 1st of November (monday). The goal is to write a novel with a minimum of 50,000 words by the end of the month. So far, I'm behind. Probably due to the fact that I have a job, and then I have a wife and dogs to be with when I get home. I don't feel overwhelmingly motivated to use this creative outlet, probably because I have several creative outlets already. Anyways, its been going slow. I did have a breakthrough day today with it and doubled my word count, I could get caught up by the end of the weekend at the rate I'm going.

I even went to a "write in" which is essentially an event where you show up and write with other people who are participating. There were probably 15 people there, and it was fun and motivating, I've enjoyed the process so far. The only issue is, I'm mentally exhausted thanks to work and this using up the creative juices. I'm not even done with the first week too lol.


Cute K and I signed up for a local gym here in Duvall. We've been wanting a gym membership ever since we moved to washington and finally found somewhere to go that was close to home and not outrageously priced. So far, I've gone every morning this week... that's before work. That means I'm getting up earlier and working out in the morning on top of the new activities I'm doing at night. It's taking its toll.

not this weekend, but next weekend K and I are flying out to vegas for the weekend. I hope its a relaxing trip for us. We just want to eat some good food at a fancy restaurant or two, go see the jabbawokeez dance on sat night, and waste some of our money. It should be fun.
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Happy October! [01 Oct 2010|01:41pm]
I'm getting into the groove of things at work here, and it's been going pretty good so far. It's funny how a little praise for your work goes a long way.

I think we are going to go to Leavenworth this weekend, which is the equivalent of visiting a german village (its the weird little town we went to a tree lighting ceremony two christmases ago). They are doing their octoberfest stuff, and we thought it would be fun to get out of town for a day. We haven't locked down that it is our definite destination, as I suggested maybe we should go to Forks and see the homeland of Twilight for shits and giggles.

I'm on a new quest to find a decent lawnmower as the one that was bequeathed to me smokes like something that smokes alot and I end up getting headaches from the fumes. You have no idea how ESSENTIAL a lawnmower is unless you live around here. The forest will come alive and take you...

I've been trolling craigslist for the past 2 months looking at old arcade machines, and I'm quite ready to buy one now. I just have to find the right one. On one hand I want a cabinet to make a MAME (multi arcade emulator) machine out of it, but there is the part of me that just wants the original game in there. The market for used games both current and ancient is thriving in these parts, and I've made great strides on my classic game collection this year. Having an arcade cabinet has been a dream of mine since I was a kid though... I saw that there is a garage sale in my part of town tomorrow where a pinball machine will be sold, but I don't think we are sticking around town long enough for me to check it out.

Now that we have the house, we are going to take our halloween decorating to the next level by doing some decorations outside. I think we are doing a graveyard in the front yard, so that should be fun. I'll be sure to take pictures.
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New Horizons [09 Sep 2010|11:50pm]
I wanted to wait until it was more official, but since I'm going in tomorrow, I guess it's pretty official that I got a job.

I'm going to be working at Hidden Path Entertainment starting tomorrow as a game designer. I'm going to be paid more than I was at SOE, so that's nice, and its a smaller company which could mean any number of things depending on how you look at it. I look at it as an opportunity to get my ideas out to the game world in a less filtered manner, because I'll be one of two designers working under the design director ( I said its a small outfit!).

I'm excited to see what this new adventure will bring, and I hope I'm coherent because I took a sleeping pill an hour ago to try and get me into bed before the 3am average I've been doing the past 2 months.

When I know more about my employers, I'm sure i'll be able to tell you more about them. Right now, I know that they have released a relatively popular tower defense game called Defense Grid on a few platforms, they have done some contract work for other development companies and publishers, and they do a lot of cutting edge experimental stuff for big companies.

Anyways, we are excited, and I hope you are too lol. It was a bumpy 7 weeks for me, but I'm glad to be on my feet so soon.

Now I can spend some of my free time on pursuits other than job searching... like say, video games and music! That would be nice, wouldn't it?
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Unemployed Life [29 Jul 2010|05:43pm]
I've been having a hard time adjusting to not working for the first time in 17 years. I'm searching for work, but not flooding the local market with my resume, because I don't want to just throw it out there and see what sticks, I want to apply for things I actually want to work on first. We'll see how that goes.

So, I've gone from being busy all the time to decidedly not being busy all the time. It's not like I'm just sitting here though, I'm doing stuff like working on the lawn, doing things around the house, going out and doing the grocery shopping, cooking dinner... things like that. I'm even spending some of my free time practicing level design here at home since I h have the tools and knowledge to do that.

I guess I'm having more trouble with the fact that I feel like I got dumped by a bad girlfriend or something. I don't feel comfortable getting into details about how the project has gone since I got up here, but lets just say I'm probably better off, though I don't feel that way right now without my paycheck coming, nothing to do, and no one to hang out with. Not that I'm really the "hanging out" type anymore, but I spend my day talking to the dogs who don't talk back and listening to the birds chirp.

I can say that I've been getting alot more exercise though, I've been working out in one capacity or another every day since I got laid off. I've been doing stuff like going on long walks with the beasts, riding my bike, riding the stationary bike here in the house and doing my kettlebell routines.

I'll probably spend some time working on some ArithRomantics songs or Ebon Empire songs or something... Just have to get my software set back up I suppose.

At least I posted something eh?
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Video of our house [18 Jul 2010|08:00pm]
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Living in Duvall, WA [05 Jul 2010|12:21pm]
Hi Everyone! I've been totally unable to post anything for the past couple of weeks, other than short facebook stuff via my iphone, so I'm here to update you courtesy of free wi fi.

Just in case you don't check facebook or missed it, we got the house we were trying to buy, and moved into it just about a week ago. We are both very proud and happy to have accomplished this, but the adventure just begins as we learn the joys of removing wall border, painting walls, and doing yard work.

We have neither an internet connection at home or any kind of television setup yet, but we are getting all of that within the week, so we should be able to give some better updates soon.

We've had a few thrilling/bizarre moments since we moved not including insects that may have come from the King Kong movie, and learning how to use a hedge trimmer.

Last night the entire town we live in sounded like a warzone with all of the amateur fireworks displays going on. These people LOVE their fireworks! Shit was blowing up from about 6pm till midnight no lie! When I say the love their fireworks, I'm talking everywhere you went there was stuff flying into the air in every direction on every street. It sounded like a warzone out here, you just wouldnt believe how crazy it was!

We went to our first Wizard Rock show on Saturday night and we had a really good time there. I think we spent about 80 bucks just on cds from all of the bands, because it was fun to support them. I think that show was everything music should be. Fun, clever, creative... People that knock the wizard rock thing are missing out on some good clean fun.

Once we get our internet connection, I'll probably make a youtube video to show off the house and share it with you all. I know that many people don't track livejournal as they used to, but I still like it here and don't intend on going anywhere unless the fuck up the service past it being useable (totally possible i bet).
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This weekend was exhausting [06 Jun 2010|09:50pm]
It's not really just the weekend, but the past few weeks have been exhausting for me. At work E3 has been looming, and it's just around the corner which means a ton of work for people like me who work in video games. On top of E3, I've been uhm... (how do I put this diplomatically/gently?) adjusting to job duties that I now attend to.

Work stress on the normal is something that can get someone down, but the fact that I'm supposedly getting the keys to my new house in about a week and a half is really putting the pressure on.

Friday night it was solo night, because Cute K had a date with the ladies from work, and they were gonna get their drank on. That mean me chilling with the beasts, eating hotdogs for dinner like a bachelor, and me watching Seven Samurai because... well it's awesome and why the fuck not?

Saturday we saw a facebook post from our realtor which reminded us that the big town event in our newly adopted town was going down on mainstreet and we decided to scoop up the beasts and roll out to it. We had a good time, but it was epic exhausting for a few reasons. It might have been the first day we've seen actual sunshine in weeks, and I don't do so well in the sun because I take a medication that doesn't like sun much. It wiped me out! The dogs were tired as hell too, so they must have had a good time. The town we are moving to is like moving to Julian but a little more up to date. Think of the updated North Park in SD but the size of Julian and only ONE street. Anyways we met a ton of nice people, saw a friend of a friend again, who I have the feeling we are going to be hanging out with alot once we move, and we even saw our realtor at a booth on the street. Its pretty neat, we are moving to a small town, it has a small town feel, and people actually all seem to know each other.

Sunday/today we got up and bought boxes for our move and got started on some early packing. Before the packing had to start, I had to get me mine, so I took care of my husbandly duties, but that nearly knocked me out. Luckily I revived quickly and we got around to some packing, so here I am writing in a room with some boxes packed up. This room is not done yet but its a start, gotta start somewhere. I'm pooped.
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good mornin' [16 May 2010|10:42am]
Howdy all, thought I would post some stuff.

Found out friday that we are in escrow and all that good stuff, our loan is good, now all we wait for is closing day supposedly. yay? I would be acting really stoked if I weren't afraid of invisible road blocks ahead of me that I don't know about. I havent run into any so far through this whole thing, but I'm still nervous about it anyway.

We are going out to the house today to take measurements of some things, because we need to buy stuff like a refridgerator and washer/dryer. Its hard to shop for stuff like that when you know absolutely nothing on the subject, and I'm such a researcher on big purchaes. So far we like the Samsung fridges and the Sears Kenmore Elites the most.

Yesterday, Kelly's parents took us out to breakfast which was nice. The whole day was a long whirlwind of events though. Breakfast was at 9am, then we went and got kelly a new phone, so she now has the iphone 3gs, which is a bit faster than my 3g. Of course we had to go to the Sanrio store and get one of those rubber Hello Kitty iphone protectors too... After that we headed home and got the dogs for a walk, which ended up several miles instead of just one. We took a turn off up this one trail and it ended up being a really big hike for us, so we were just DONE when we got home after the whole day. Ended up watching Ponyo and The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. Ponyo was cool, but the crazy weather and giant waves was like out of nightmares that both kelly and I have so that was kinda weird and creepy. Parnassus was good but I got confused when they had to start interjecting new actors to cover for Heath Ledger. I knew it was gonna happen, but they do it so smoothly that I got confused, I R DUMB
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Another Yelp Douchebag episode [15 May 2010|08:25pm]
I bring you this review on a place called Herbfarm here in Seattle that gets crazy good reviews. Of course there is always someone who has had better elsewhere therefore the place is overrated by the locals.

When you start off your review with "I grew up jet setting around the world" you know you are in for an epic treat of douchebaggery... so I bring you Danielle L. of Seattle.


I grew up jet setting around the world and having the opportunity to taste exquisite cuisine where money knows no bounds. I would say that Seattle's, Herbfarm, is an upscale, trendy attempt to bring fine dining to the Pacific Northwest. Nothing I had knocked my socks off nor impressed me, even the fish which I would have assumed would be delectable. It is however a dining experience that everyone should try at least once, and appreciate that 9 course dinners often run 10's of thousands of dollars in places as native as New York.

To say that this is the best restaurant in Seattle is quite an overstatement, however can easily be defended by the lack of choice and by lack of experience of Seattle's residents with truly decadent dining. If you live here, try it once! If you are visiting, wait and go to Voltaire in New York. It's much better food despite the price.

A quick point: Anyone that would comment that this is the best f*ing restaurant in the area, that is one of the most unique restaurants, and that people that can't afford it should stay away are just the type of person that speaks without really knowing anything about fine dining. To say that this is unique or one of the best restaurants in the world just displays how small minded and inexperienced they are in the first place. Money is no object to me or my travel companions and I also found that the price for this meal was slightly overpriced, although arguably the view definitely makes up for that. I would suggest that no matter what your financial means, if you live in this area you should try it for a special occasion once, accepting that you will pay a bit more for the food than you normally would!
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Lightning Thief [05 May 2010|10:25am]
I finally finished up reading the Percy Jackson book that I started about a week prior to watching the movie a while back. I can definitely say that I'm glad I didn't read the book beforehand and that ignorance is bliss.

They really screwed the pooch when it comes to following the book, I mean they really deviated far off from the book.

Anyways, now that I'm done with it, I don't think I'll be returning to the world of Percy Jackson.

I just can't get into the first person perspective in the books for one thing. I mean, first person isn't so bad in some fiction, but when a character is supposedly 12 years old but has the thought processes of a 30 year old, it's just weird. I can hear the authors voice all over the book, and it just doesn't sound like its coming from a 12 year old.

I also struggle with the fact that you just don't get that invested in the characters. None of them are really likable save for maybe Grover the satyr. When I was on the pot this morning contemplating life, I came to the realization that the reason these guys don't work versus characters that you fall in love with like Harry Potter or Peter Parker is you never really get to experience their sense of wonderment and confusion at becoming more than "Joe Shmoe". Percy just kind of accepts that he's the son of a olympian god pretty quickly, and doesn't at all spend any time getting comfortable with his new found control over water, he just executes and perfectly every time.

I think what makes characters like Ron Weasley or even Batman more endearing is the fact that they fail some of the time, and you can put yourself in their shoes, and they themselves don't even know their own true potential. I never felt that with this book, and it was a failed opportunity on the author's part. Right from the get go, the kid knows hes the son of a god, is being called a hero before doing anything and being compared to Hercules, and has perfect control and knowledge of all of his abilities the moment he discovers them.
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